Wanted: Ashen Stars playtesters

Wanted: Playtesters for Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE Space)

System: This is a stand-alone game using the GUMSHOE system.

Who are the PCs: The PCs freelance law enforcement officers called lasers contracting their services to a central authority weakened by stellar war. They investigate kipdnappings, deliver cargoes, chase fugitives, collect debts, but they must keep careful track of their reputation, or miss out on future work.

Ashen Stars places its central characters in a conflict between altruism and selfishness. This is reflected in its setting, pitting the idealism of a fallen utopian order against the harsh realities of a post-war environment.

For 4-6 players. You do not need to be familiar with GUMSHOE to participate.

Feedback by 1st August.

Please email simon@dyingearth.com if you are interested.

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