Ripped From the Headlines: Prayer Bombs

As an Ordo Veritatis team dedicated to uprooting the occult menace of the Esoterrorists, the PCs are dispatched to investigate a series of strange mailings. Prominent intellectuals suffering from life-threatening illnesses receive packages from an untraceable group called the Hope Bombers. They promise to pray for the health of the recipients, who tend to be outspoken atheists or icons of secularism. Soon after opening the packages, the targets succumb to their illnesses. As word of the Hope Bombers spreads through they media, prayer packages begin to arrive at the homes of perfectly healthy targets. Are they the next to go?

The team learns early on that the campaign springboards from the so-called STEP study. It determined that sufferers of potentially fatal medical conditions were more likely to die if they knew others were praying for them. Can the PCs track the cell responsible for these long distance murders by prayer, before the reality-bending effect of public panic turns it into a worldwide epidemic?

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