Page XX – July 2010

In this belated issue of Page XX we have such a large and mixed bag of articles the only analogy I can think of is a Deck of Many Things without the black cards. There are three new Page XX articles from Robin Laws, a look at the new Jack Vance license The Gaean Reach, interviews, an update on Will Hindmarch’s forthcoming GUMSHOE setting RAZED and new material for both Trail and Esoterrorists.

Which would you most like to see as a Skulduggery setting?
Consultants Plc – there’s only room for one on the board
Yes, Master, the game of competing minions
This Town Ain’t Big Enough, who will be the new sheriff?
Pacific’s Ten, the best heist team in history, but equal shares…?
Keeping It Real, the game of reality TV stars
Black Smoke, cardinals decide the next Pontiff
The King Is Dead, scions vie to be monarch free polls

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