Ripped From the Headlines: Glitter Rat

Learning that the implements used in Elvis Presley’s autopsy are up for public auction, the Ordo Veritatis dispatches a team to monitor the sale. Celebrity autopsy equipment has a habit of going missing, often in conjunction with a subsequent rash of inexplicable deaths.

A roving Esoterror cell seeks the implements but would rather steal them from the eventual buyer than expose themselves to openly bid. When the instruments are withdrawn from sale, the team and cell find themselves in a mad scramble to secure the items. The occult subversives need instruments to summon a Glitter Rat, a shape-shifting predator from the Outer Dark. Glitter Rats gain power from the desires of the celebrity-obsessed. They change form into a celebrity the victim wants to be with, approaches them, and finally feeds from them. The team must deactivate the cell, then hunt and kill the Glitter Rat they’ve released on an unsuspecting world.


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