Ripped From the Headlines: Plastination Nation

For years the Esoterrorists have secretly backed a series of supposedly scientific exhibits that gruesomely display anatomical cutaways constructed from real corpses, subjected to a plastic preservative process. Wherever the traveling exhibition goes, it fosters the subconscious distress that weakens the membranes between this world and the Outer Dark. Over years of exposure, however, the shock value of the exhibit has declined, decreasing its supernatural power.

Now the Esoterror cell leader in charge of the project has stumbled across a fresh way to wring cognitive dissonance from the project. The spouse of an ailing star from yesteryear has announced to the press that she wants to be subjected to the process and put on display after death. The cell is now working to arrange an entire exhibit of famous corpses.

An Ordo Veritatis team is dispatched to put the scheme to rest once and for all, before preserved, cutaway celebrity corpses become a regular fixture of the cultural landscape.

I know you’re already way ahead of me here. But if you’ve got a team of investigators heading into a storage facility full of plastinated corpses, surely a collective reanimation can’t be far behind…

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