Golden Satsuma Design Contest

I’ll be holding a design contest, but before the contest starts, we need a logo.

So, I would like a Golden Satsuma logo for the design contest. Please make sure it looks like a satsuma and not any other small citrus fruit.

Email me your entry or post it on this thread , and I’ll narrow the field to three if necessary, then poll for a favourite. The winner will surely be immortalised.

I will buy a $10 rpgnow charity bundle, emailed to the artist, for up to ten entries, in order of submission. I will at my own discretion ignore entries I think are just a naughty attempt to get a bundle, and I reserve the right not to award a prize if nothing makes the grade.

In addition to immortality, the winner will receive $50. It will constitute work for hire (otherwise it’s a pretty useless logo).

If I don’t get a suitable winning entry, I will sulk, and take my design contest elsewhere.

You can submit up to three entries, but will only be eligible for one bundle.

Entries close 25th October.

Let me know if I need to clarify any of this.

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