The Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery Edition

insectThe Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery Edition pre-order window is closed, but you can pre-order Ashen Stars and get the PDF now, hardback in August from the Store.

Download the character creation chapter and part of the GM’s Advice.

This is what you get, at the price of a standard copy ($44.95):

  • Now – the finished version with basic lay out as a PDF.
  • The final PDF as soon as it’s ready, a sample now.
  • Your name in the credits
  • Your copy signed by Robin D Laws
  • Exclusive fiction by Robin D Laws
  • The first adventure from Dead Rock Seven, the first set of adventures
  • First dibs on any limited editions

We’d really appreciate your support in making this print run viable.

Playtesters, reviewers and pre-orders say:

A review here. “Look. Just go buy it, okay? It’s worth it, and then some.”

A review of the Ashen Stars pre-order edition here.

Another review on gives it 8/10

And congratulations on this game – I think it is destined to become a classic – This is the best sci-fi RPG I’ve ever read.

It reminds me a bit of Mouse Guard (/Burning Wheel)’s combat system, but I think it fits the ship piece much better, ensures everybody has a good opportunity to contribute, and really does have the feel you’d expect with combat on Serenity, the Enterprise, or the Millennium Falcon.

Just finished poring over Ashen Stars. It’s brilliant. I’ve never seen Space Opera done better. Not even close.

Gratz to Ashen Stars, this is going to be an awesome game. My regular gaming group adopted it from the spot. It has a really vibrant feel.

The delight in the setting is that it is constructed from the ground up to suit role-playing, unlike any licensed property would be.

When I originally read the playtest draft, three things occurred to me: first, Robin had outdone himself in his integration of classic space opera tropes; second, this would become my favorite space opera setting, replacing both Star Wars and Star Trek; and third, how seamlessly the GUMSHOE mechanics adapted to the most diverse genre that it thus far had attempted to tackle. Brilliant, in a word.

Just picked up some of my freebies; the sample chapters from the final layout look great. This game is a must-have!

The PDF is a taster of what promises to be a brilliant new take on classic Space Opera, backed by a solid system (roleplay & atmosphere first, worry about dicerolling later) from the company run by people who actually give a dingo’s kidney about what gamers want.

The space combat system was really enjoyable. Everyone is involved and has plenty to do.

The numerous possibilities presented in the text for setting up your own version of the Bleed. Ashen stars is really full of suggestions, ideas and creativity-sparking elements to work with when you want to design a universe to play in all by yourself.

Rarely have we read a roleplaying book that provides such an amount of good gameable ideas
The PDF is one of the best pitches of a space opera setting I have seen and would make a great TV series (that would subsequently end up being cancelled by a network who didn’t understand what they had). That TV series feel is, of course, exactly what Robin D Laws was aiming for; and he hits the spot. I am brimming over with ideas for my series arc already, mixing Babylon 5 with Firefly and a liberal dose of Star Trek TNG…

*Thanks cutter_good

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