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The rate at which we are releasing new Page XXs is a reflection of our stellar new production schedule. It’s amazing what difference a full-time person makes. The Ashen Stars pre-order is going well, and I’m exploring ideas to persuade stores to pre-order copies in this difficult climate – usually just-in-time is the order of the day. Do post any suggestions in the comments.

We are bubbling over with ideas for new Trail material, following the success of Bookhounds, which might have been considered a niche book, but I don’t want to neglect our other lines, and so there is a new release for Mutant City Blues – Brief Cases.

New Releases: The Rending Box, the Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery Pre-Order and Brief Cases for Mutant City Blues, all available from the Pelgrane Press Store.

Ashen Stars

spaceship_ballaThe Ashen Stars Stellar Nursery Pre-Order

Ashen Stars is halfway through layout, and the Stellar Nursery pre-order version is nearing the 200 we need to pay for the full colour print run. Feedback has been exemplary, and we have two reviews out already here and here. However, we could really do with your support for Ashen Stars, as it is our biggest and most risky project since Trail of Cthulhu. You can get your name in the credits, a free adventure and a signed copy at the retail price: find out more here.

Dead Rock Seven, the first set of adventures is being illustrated by Pascal Quidault, ready for layout.

Terra Nova

Leonard Balsera, the author of Profane Miracles is creating an Ashen Stars adventure based on a novel use of GUMSHOE where the adventure has variable suspects to a terrible crime.  It’s called Terra Nova, and you can read the pitch here.

Mutant City Blues

Mutant City Blues appears to be in the midst of a resurgence, at least based on PDF sales, and this coincides with the release of Gareth Hanrahan’s new PDF adventures.

Brief Cases

Brief Cases is a set of three bite-sized crimes for your HCIU characters to investigate, featuring an illegal mutant fight club, a bomb threat to anti-mutant extremists, and a hidden mutant at a local school. If this sells well, we’ll release more Mutant City Blues material.

Trail of Cthulhu

Rending Box

Graham Walmsley’s excellent Purist series of adventures comes to a close with the release of The Rending Box, which I very much enjoyed playing last year. It’s a fitting climax to the quartet and Graham’s groundbreaking approach to the Mythos and GUMSHOE. It’s out now.

Invasive Procedures

Invasive Procedures is the chilling new adventure for Fear Itself, and following a question from Wise Wolf in the comments thread, we’ve adapted it for Trail of Cthulhu. The PDF has been updated and you can download it from your order link. It’s available at the Pelgrane Press store.

In Production

We’ve got a bit of an art backlog at the moment, and this has held up some of our completed manuscripts. We are working on this.

  • In Many Fires, by Black Drop author Jason Morningstar, General Pershing disptaches some hard-bitten gunslingers to dispatch an old foe. Ready for art and layout
  • The Repairer of Reputations by Robin D Laws is based on the story by Robert W Chambers.   It’s ready for art and layout.
  • The Apocalypse Machine, Graham Walmsley’s adaptation of Trail for his new series of adventures Cthulhu Apocalypse allows you to create your own Mythos world ending, and is in playtest.
  • Hell Fire is in playtest.
  • Eternal Lies, our mammoth campaign is now in first draft stage and ready for playtest. Apply here.
  • As a follow up to Not So Quiet, Adam Gauntlett is writing two other WW1 adventures, featuring flying aces against a Mythos creature.

The Investigator’s Guide to Occult London

The softcover version has been held up at the printers, but we hope to have it in the next couple of weeks. You can still pre-order, getting the PDF now.

Bookhounds Limited Edition

We have nearly all the ingredients to get the Limited Edition shipment underway, and we hope to have them out to you in June as predicted.

The Character Builder

Graham has began work on the Trail/GUMSHOE character builder, and we hope to have an open beta by the end of July, if not before. The funding means we get support Fear Itself, Esoterrorists and Trail of Cthulhu, including an Investigator Matrix, Bookhounds, Rough Magicks and Cthulhu Apocalypse support.

Esoterrorists and Fear Itself

Nothing for release this month, but in production, we’ve got:

  • Matthew Sanderson’s The Love of Money (ready for art and layout)
  • Station Duty – The Esoterrorists meets Angel-style monster of the week and on-going character elements (in progress)
  • Estoterror Summoning, and in-world style document featuring Esoterrorist summoning techniques and their horrid results, with an adventure (ready for art and layout)
  • The Worm of Sixty Winters follow up to Albion’s Ransom is in progress
  • Another Esoterrorists project I cannot currently discuss

The Dying Earth Revivification Folio

If you want to get your players into the Dying Earth in minutes flat, this is the way to do it. The Folio also doubles up as a supplement to Skulduggery and the Dying Earth, though it stands alone, too. It’s ready to be laid out and illustrated. Read more here.

And Thence to Almery…

Ian Thomson has handed us the final draft for this final adventure in the Footsteps of Fools series, ready for release next month. Read more here.

Owl Hoot Trail

Clinton has been working on an updated draft to his fantasy/wild west mash up. Why not enter our Name That Orc competition?

Night’s Black Agents

Ken has submitted the first draft of Night’s Black Agents, our vampire thriller game, and we are ready for playtesting. Let us know if you want to playtest here.

Hillfolk and the DramaSystem

Hillfolk is a new game from Robin D Laws. In this new roleplaying game system, Robin D Laws applies the same focus to drama in games that he did for investigation in GUMSHOE. Hamlet’s Hitpoints was the theory, this will be the practise. Following the success of the Character Builder funding on IndieGoGo, we’ll be taking the same funding approach for HillFolk, and you’ll see some innovative perks for this one. More on this when I have it.

Gaean Reach

Jim Webster and Peter Freeman have completed their background documents for the Gaean Reach, and Robin is girding himself to begin the work on this game based on Jack Vance’s science fiction.

New World and Razed

Razed was on hold while Will Hindmarch finished off the first draft of Eternal Lies, and he’s now all set to make good progress after playtesting. Bill White will have a first draft of his world building / catastrophe game New World in time for GenCon. He is a very thorough playtester and game designer, and you can hear an interview with him here. He discusses New World at 39:30 into the podcast.

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