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[This email and photos are reproduced by permission of Darren Miquez. He is a great fan of Pelgrane and GUMSHOE and has recently run Cthulhu Apocalypse: Dead White World. He loved it so much that he wanted to tell us and all of you how good it is.]

Hello Mister Rogers!

I wanted to write about a few things, so I apologize for taking up your time.

For starters, some friends and I found ourselves at liberty this summer, and over the last 3 Sundays ran Dead White World by Graham Walmsley.

It was a phenomenal game, ending with one mad survivor who murdered the rest of players so that the Deep One culture might survive even if humanity’s was lost. They all went mad in the Deep One’s briny hall, and it was but one of many brilliant scenes the set of scenarios provided us. It was a rare fantastic gaming moment that really struck some nerves and made the survivor feel terribly uncomfortable with their plight and her murderous actions. So, for that, thank you!

I also used the various musical tracks you’ve released to great effect, along with one or two other ambient sound effects such as waves, some carousel music for Blackpool, and one or two 1936 swing pieces for the Fanham Hall scenes. It was tremendously helpful and many times underlined the tension or atmosphere of a scene – exactly as intended, I suppose! The Travelling theme was particularly useful to break up scenes and “cleanse the palate” for a scene change after people had experienced it once or twice.

The RemainsPlease share the comments and praise with those who worked on the music, as well as with Mr. Graham Walmsley.

For our next game, I’m looking to run “Food Chain” from Mutant City Blues as the group has expressed an interest in it over the pre-release Ashen Stars PDF I have. The apparently love cop shows, and enjoyed Gumshoe enough for this to grab their attention.

I bought MCB soon after it came out at the Compleat Strategist in New York City, I believe. Since coming across your book+PDF bundles, I’ve bought them (Bookhounds, Ashen Stars) and when preparing for Dead White World I found it very helpful to print out the adventure and write notes in the margins, or underline core clues and details.

Attached is a photo of the character sheets and props from Dead White World I put together. (I found making individual laminated gun cards useful to give the feeling of scarce resources and ownership in the first scenario – the rest were just for immersion)

Sincere Thanks for a fantastic set of scenarios and making our last 3 Sundays extremely memorable!

Take care,

Darren Miguez

[Here is a PDF of Darren Miguez’s full review of Graham Walmsley’s Dead White World.]

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