What’s On at GenCon?

As you all know ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming’ is almost upon us. The excitement in the Pelgrane offices has reached a fever-pitch as we finalise plans, pack our suitcases and panic about how to get through London to the airport on time. In the spirit of all things GenCon, here is all the information you’ll need to fill your 4-day calendars with Pelgrane-related activities.


Firstly, our stall is number 1812 (with ProFantasy next door at 1715). This is right next to Entrance H.

Next, we have seminars.

After a packed seminar at Dragonmeet last year, we’ve decided to host one at GenCon. This is along the same lines as the Dragonmeet one so if you missed it, here’s your chance to be involved.

Investigative Gaming and the GUMSHOE system (SEM1118992).

A panel discussion with Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws and Simon Rogers on the GUMSHOE gaming system, specifically unravelling the mysteries around investigative gaming, tackling the issues of railroading and demystifying the clue-driven RPG.

Start Date & Time: Friday at 3:00 PM
Duration: 1 hours
Location: Marriott : Indiana Bllrm F

To book a ticket, please register through the GenCon Registration site, then ‘Find Events’ on the left side panel, then either search for GUMSHOE or copy and paste the Game ID – SEM1118992. Tickets are still available so book them now!

GUMSHOE Guru Robin D Laws is also giving a seminar on Hamlet’s Hitpoints on Friday at 10:00am. Game ID – SEM1122698

New Releases

This year sees the most new products debuting at GenCon that Pelgrane has ever done.

  • Ashen Stars – our biggest new release and biggest book to date. Over 300 full colour pages of Robin D Laws at his finest.
  • Dead Rock Seven – a set of 4 adventures for Ashen Stars from Gareth Hanrahan.
  • Out of Time – a collection of four of our best-selling Trail of Cthulhu PDFs – Not So Quiet by Adam Gauntlett, The Black Drop by Jason Morningstar, and The Big Hoodoo and Castle Bravo by Bill White. Also includes exclusive essays from the authors.
  • Bookhounds of London – although this has been out for a while, it’s not yet been to GenCon. We are confident it will do very well.


The response to a request for Pelgrane fans to run official games at GenCon has been fantastic and better than expected. This year we will have 9 official games running, all of which are full I’m afraid, as well as demo’s at our stand and no doubt a few unofficial sessions dotted about. We have 3 Esoterrorist games running, including the amazing ‘The Love of Money’ which will be released as a PDF-only scenario in the Autumn. There are two Trail of Cthulhu games scheduled, including one Bookhounds of London adventure. Matthew Sanderson, author of The Love of Money, is also running a Night’s Black Agents game from the playtest version. In celebration of our big new release, Ashen Stars, John Post is running two games of the gritty space-opera setting. Lastly, representing our other line of products, Brian Schoner is running a Dying Earth game.

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