Ask Beth

Your Friendly Supplier of Advice, Information, and Only Mildly Offensive Sarcasm

So after a few months of cajoling, convincing, and bribery, we have a new regular See Page XX feature – Ask Beth. If there is anything you’ve always wanted to ask Pelgrane about, however silly or non-GUMSHOE related, here is your chance. Questions can range from our games, forthcoming projects, the GUMSHOE system, what kind of cake we prefer, or even just say to say hello. Put them in the comments and I will answer you with guaranteed pith and snark.

Sample questions –

Hi Beth, what do I have to do to get my GUMSHOE scenario published by you folks?

Hi Beth, what is your favourite type of cupcake? I’m placing an order for delivery to your office.

 [If you have a question about an order you’ve placed in the shop, please email me directly quoting the order number]

So to get the ball rolling, I’m going to turn the tables and ask you a question. Now, we all know that the one genre missing from the GUMSHOE arsenal is Fantasy. There is a GUMSHOE Fantasy game in the works, so here is the question for you to answer in the comments.

What would you call a GUMSHOE Fantasy game?


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