We have a plethora of playtesting opportunites this month.

  • Each playtest has its own email link. Please click the link to send the email.
  • You can playtest mulitple games, as long as you can make the deadlines. Send one email for each playtest.
  • Please ensure you have a group and first date lined up before you email.

Terra Nova

System: Ashen Stars

Number of Sessions: 2-3

Last Delivery Date: 1st December

Short Description: The Terra Nova, last of the great luxury liners from the Combine’s heyday, is dead, a victim of disaster now drifting in the space between worlds. Her final call echoes across the Bleed. The last of the survivors clutch desperately to life, waiting for rescue. All but one, that is. One of them waits only for a chance to finish the job, uncovering a secret which the Terra Nova has kept hidden for decades.

This adventure features a new take on GUMSHOE mystery creation. Ashen Stars is required. Please email if you’d like to try it.

Eternal Lies

System: Trail of Cthulhu

Number of Sessions: 3 or more

Last Delivery Date: 1st December

Short Description: Now, you must piece together what went wrong. Investigate ancient crypts, abandoned estates, and festering slums. Explore choked jungles and the crushed psyches of your predecessors. Follow in their footprints and make new ones of your own. This time, there won’t be another chance.

We have playtesters for Eternal Lies, but because it’s such a mammoth game it’s taking a long time to get into the later chapters, and we are looking for brave Investigators willing to accept the challenge of leaping into Act 2 and 3. We’ll send you a summary of what’s happened to the point at which you start. You can playtest one or more chapters, each one is 3 or so sessions. Email, stating the number of chapters you want to run.


System: Trail of Cthulhu

Number of Sessions: 2

Last Delivery Date: 1st November

Short Description: Coffins is written by Adam Gauntlett and set in the skies above the trenches in the Great War.

Please email if you want to participate.

The Worm of Sixty Winters

System: Esoterrorists

Number of Sessions: 4-8

Last Delivery Date: 1st December

Short Description: Set in the UK, ranging from Manchester to North Wales and Scotland, the OV must foil a world-spanning Esoterrorist plott.

This is the follow up to Albion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost, but you don’t need to have played that one to participate. Email to participate.

Operation Prophet Bunco

System: Esoterrorists

Number of Sessions: 1 or 2

Last Delivery Date: 1st December

Short Description: When a crackpot preacher’s apocalyptic predictions rage through the worldwide media, the Ordo Veritatis dispatches a team to his hometown of Sequoia City, CA. The mission: curb the damage their doomsday perorations will surely do to the membrane.

It’s an introductory adventure, and we’ll accept applications from people who have never played GUMSHOE or Esoterrorists, as well as experienced players. Email, letting us know if you own Esoterrorists already.

Station Duty

System: Esoterrorists

Number of Sessions: 2-4

Last Delivery Date: 1st December

Short Description: Station Duty presents a new campaign framework for The Esoterrorists. Instead of sending the player characters on missions across the world, Station Duty encourages them to delve into the mysteries of one small town over the course of several investigations.

This book is designed for sandbox style adventuring, with a short introductory adventure. Please email if you’d like to test it.

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