See Page XX: December 2011

Christmas has come to Pelgrane Towers and Santa has delivered a sackful of Page XX goodies. Nary an ugly Christmas jumper or pair of socks in sight, this Page XX is chock-full of top quality articles, advice, and competitions. We have the round-up of all things Pelgrane from Simon Rogers. Mystic Moo drops by to share her words of bovine wisdom in December’s Gamer Astrology. Robin D. Laws talks about the revelation of information in narrative games. Fans of the Book of the Smoke: The Investigators Guide to Occult London, will enjoy the Horoscope of Augustus Darcy (Deceased). Earlier this year we set a competition to name 13 works of post-apocalyptic fiction, here are the answers and also the winners of the Your Own Private Apocalypse Competition. In more competition news, to celebrate the release of the Night’s Black Agents [REDACTED] Edition (pre-order), we have set a competition to design your own vampire conspiracy. Lastly, no Page XX would be complete without the monthly Poll.


New Releases

  • The Love of Money, a fantastic, intricate and devilishly detailed Esoterrorist scenario from Matthew Sanderson.
  • Out of Time PDF, the collection of scenarios from Jason Morningstar, Bill White, and Adam Gauntlett available as a PDF download.

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