The Horoscope of Augustus Darcy (Deceased)

A Brief Commentary Upon the Natal Chart of A Darcy, born 11.17am on Friday 12th November 1897 in Thetford, England


Report by Soror Cupitor, Student of Astrology


Sun Sign

The subject’s sun sign is Scorpio. Persons born under the sign of the Scorpion tend to have abilities in research and detection, so may consider occupations such as the police force, journalism or academia. Scorpio is the sun sign most associated with the occult and with death. It is ruled by Mars and the new planet Pluto, suggesting great energy, sometimes erupting into aggression (Mars) to which Pluto adds an urge to create or transform, even if that means destruction to make way for the new. Thankfully, in the case of this subject Pluto is in the Fifth House and therefore well placed for creative, intellectual and even practical endeavour. The subject has by no means a death wish!

The subject’s Ascendant is Aquarius, indicating an independent man who little heeds society’s rules and regulations.


Position of the Planets

The majority of the subject’s planets – Uranus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn – are in his sun sign of Scorpio leaving his chart somewhat unbalanced. Uranus indicates change and confusion. Because of its slow journey through the zodiac its influence affects a whole generation. For the subject’s generation Uranus in Scorpio indicates sudden, violent change and death which is often equated to the Great War.

Mercury in the Tenth House indicates someone who values knowledge as a way of furthering his career. Ally this to Mars in the same house and one sees an ambitious man. The presence of Saturn, however, may show someone who finds his ambitions limited in some way.

Venus in the Ninth House shows one who prizes the love of culture, religion or art above the love of  women. The subject may marry late in life or remain a batchelor and must have a wife who shares his aesthetic sensibilities.


Position of the Elements

The subject’s chart shows an excess of Water, with only one planet, Jupiter in an Earth sign (Virgo) and three, the Moon, Neptune and Pluto in Gemini, an Air sign. There is no Fire in this chart. The preponderance of water can indicate an over-emotional individual, perhaps disposed to fantasy and imaginings.


Masculine and Feminine Characteristics

I understand the subject is male, but by far the majority of his planets are in feminine signs. This shows a passive nature. It is possible that this gentleman does not seek out the company of women; if he does, he is likely to show great empathy with the fairer sex, who very much enjoy his company.

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