See Page XX: March 2012

Welcome to the March issue of See Page XX. This is a special issue to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of HP Lovecraft. To celebrate this we have a SALE on four of our best but as yet under-appreciated products and a brand new Bundle for Trail of Cthulhu Keepers. HPL has influenced the lives of so many people that we thought we could collect the mythos-related experiences of some of our freelancers and industry figures. Speaking of freelancers, Simon Rogers talks about the payment system for writers, artists and other freelancers. Robin D Laws dispenses more gaming wisdom on the much debated subject of pools and ratings. Steve Dempsey has written a 15-minute demo for The Esoterrorists, a great introduction to the game or a quick demo game for conventions. Tired of looking up refresh rules for our games? There’s a PDF for that. Ulf Andersson has written some fantastic refresh cheat sheets. Last but not least, we have The View from the Pelgrane’s Nest, all you could wish to know about Pelgrane’s next few months.



25% Off Sale

That’s right, 25% off four of our greatest products in our shop until the 22nd March, included are Lorefinder, Invasive Procedures, Brief Cases, and The Repairer of Reptutations. We also have a new print bundle product perfect for those wanting a comprehensive introduction to Trail of Cthulhu. The bundle contains the Trail of Cthulhu core rules, the Keeper’s Screen and Resource Book, Rough Magicks, 3 PDFs of the Trail Player’s Guide and Arkham Detective Tales Extended Edition, a set of four classic adventures. The bundle contains the PDFs for all these products.

For more information, please see The Hidden Treasures Sale or go directly to the Pelgrane Press Shop.


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