March Playtesting Opportunities

The first round of playtesting for 13th Age is now closed. The next round will open in April. Stay tuned!

Please email me if you if you are interested in the New World playtest.


13th Age

System: New

Written by: Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo

Deadline: Preliminary feedback 30th April. Full feedback 30th May.

What it’s about:

13th Age is a love letter to D&D: a rules-light, story-oriented RPG that honors old school values while advancing the OGL art. Players create unique heroes using flexible interpretations of familiar D20 character classes. New indie-style rules connect each character’s story to the Gamemaster’s customized version of the campaign setting.


New World

System: New World

Deadline: 15th April 2012

What it’s about:

New World is a game of historical fantasy by Bill White. You are sailors on a voyage to a new land to seek your fortune. For those already there, your arrival marks the end of the world they have known. It marks the beginning of change and conflict as peoples ideas and ways of living inevitably conflict. Please email if you’d like to test it.


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