Playtest Hillfolk With Me On Google Hangout

Do you have a webcam, a free evening this Thursday, and a hankering to try out Hillfolk, my upcoming game using the new DramaSystem rules set?

The playtest will take place on Google Hangout from 7-10 PM Eastern this Thursday, May 3rd.

To indicate your interest in taking part, leave me (Robin Laws) a private message on Google+, setting yourself up on G+ if you haven’t already.

In Hillfolk, you play tribal raiders at the dawn of the iron age, torn by conflicting desires in a time of hungry empires.

In your message, tell me who you want to play, providing:

  • your role in your small, hardscrabble tribe

  • your character’s name. Names in Hillfolk are metonyms—understandable words that reveal something fundamental about you. Examples: Skull, Thickneck, Farhawk, Rolls-the-Bones, Twig, Redaxe.

The rest will be revealed during play.

Feel free to list alternate choices for your role in the tribe, in case of duplication.

If I get more than six takers, I will choose between them by means inscrutable.

I’m going to try recording the proceedings, possibly using snippets of sound and video in the crowdfunding video. It might also wind up as an Actual Play resource. Respond only if that’s okay with you.

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