Night’s Black Agents Conspyramid Competition Winner

Drum roll please. The winner of the Night’s Black Agent’s Conspyramid Competition is….

Sergio Rodriguez for The Hypnos Conspiracy. This conspiracy is a great example of the non-traditional vampires that are possible in Night’s Black Agents.

The Hypnos Conspiracy

In 1967, the CIA’s Project MKULTRA made a profound discovery. When dosed with certain chemicals, the human mind could be detached from the body and connected to a vast psychic reservoir, the very collective unconscious of the human race. The surveillance applications were obvious; the ability to steal information from the dreams and imaginings of the Enemy would alter the balance of the Cold War decisively. On March 13, 1968, Subject 612AC was sent “down”.

This was a mistake. Subject 612AC never returned from the dark behind humanity’s eyes. Something else did.

Project MKULTRA is closed now, ended in scandal and public recrimination. But the men who were part of that program, those powerful men who were in the room when that subject did not return; they still exist, they still live. They have moved on, starting companies and programs and networks of their own.

And within each of them is a shard of something terrible.

They have only one goal; to escape the prison of our minds. They seek to descend us all into a never ending dream, to draw their masters and brothers and full-selves out of nightmares.

It’s us or them.

Click here to download the full PDF of the winning conspiracy.
The Hypnos Conspiracy

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