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Running a Conspiracy Horror Campaign in Trail of Cthulhu

Conspiracy Horror in Trail of Cthulhu by Justin Farquhar These guidelines will help you to incorporate a thoroughly conspiratorial feel into your Trail of Cthulhu campaign. They make use of conspiracy mechanics found in Night’s Black Agents, so you will need a copy of the Night’s Black Agents (NBA) core rulebook as well as your […]

Night’s Black Agents Conspyramid Competition Winner

Drum roll please. The winner of the Night’s Black Agent’s Conspyramid Competition is…. Sergio Rodriguez for The Hypnos Conspiracy. This conspiracy is a great example of the non-traditional vampires that are possible in Night’s Black Agents. The Hypnos Conspiracy In 1967, the CIA’s Project MKULTRA made a profound discovery. When dosed with certain chemicals, the […]

Night’s Black Agents Conspyramid Competition Results

The time has finally come, after months of discussion and confidential debate, we have decided on the winners of the Night’s Black Agents Conspyramid Competition. The lucky few have been notified and their entries will be posted online every day this week. First up is our Honourable Mention. This goes to Ian Kirby for The […]

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