13th Age Playtest Ends: Another Age Begins

13th Age logoRound Two of the 13th Age playtest has ended. We’re profoundly grateful to the players and GMs who took the early version of the game out on the road and tested it thoroughly. They provided valuable feedback on everything from the icon relationship mechanics to the monk’s fighting styles to punctuation errors. People are passionate about the game already; as Jonathan Tweet observed, “It looks like Rob and I are onto something.”

Now it’s time to get 13th Age out into the world. We’re happy to announce that we will make the game available for pre-order through the Pelgrane Store before the end of the month. As we’ve done with games such as Night’s Black Agents, we’ll make an early edition available in PDF format for pre-order customers.

Keep an eye on this website for the date, and follow @13thAge on Twitter and +13th Age on Google+!

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