View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

The Pelgrane has flown the nest, leaving the fledglings in the capable pinions of the Mother of All Pelgranes to explore the verdant mountains and arroyos of Andalucía and feast on wild pigs and what I will describe as peasant food. So, expect little detail, but much excitement.  The Dying Earth Revivification Folio is on pre-order, The Book of the Smoke is available as a PDF and there has been a flurry of activity over at Stone Skin Press. The [REDACTED] Edition of Night’s Black Agents will be on sale for a couple more weeks before switching to the standard pre-order version. The 13th Age playtest is now closed, and the pre-order will open quite soon.

The Dying Earth

My first love is reborn! The Revivification Folio works both as a stand-alone game and as an adjunct to Skulduggery and the original Dying Earth. It features card-based super-quick character generation, three adventures and rapid play mechanics. It’s a hoot. You could also take this opportunity to pre-order the newly back-in-print XPS 4/5 and XPS 7/8 as well as Turjan’s Tome. Pre-order The Revivification Folio through our shop.

13th Age

We’ve had an amazing and gratifying response to 13th Age (I’m looking at you, and now the playtest is over.  Rob Heinsoo is ploughing through the large number of playtests to finalise the manuscript, and the game will be available on pre-order soon. Playtesters who submitted a response are now able to blog and discuss the game online, and Lee and Andrew have been beavering away on the artwork. Here is a sneak peek of the cover as it currently stands. The pre-order will include the perks you’ve grown to expect with Ashen Stars and Night’s Black Agents, though the lead time to release will be a lot shorter.

Night’s Black Agents

This month, we released the epub version of Night’s Black Agents, and we’ll soon be releasing the mobi version, too, as part of the [REDACTED] edition. The [REDACTED] Edition will be available for a couple more weeks, while the layout is underway.  Those of you who already have NIGHT level clearance or higher will receive a message next week.  And remember – KYBOI.

Trail of Cthulhu

Will Hindmarch has returned from Origins and will have the final ms of Eternal Lies in my hands very soon.

Out of Space – a follow-up print collection to Out of Time is now underway, and should be out in July.

Graham Walmsley says he will look at the character generator and Cthulhu Apocalypse later this month.

Robin D Laws has provided some tasty morsels of Dreamhounds of Paris – a list of surrealists that the players will use as PCs, and some (to me) distasteful dreamland cats.

Adam Gauntlett’s new adventure, Sisters of Sorrow, set on a U-boat in the North Atlantic is available for playtest.

We are starting the slow and painful process of collating information and feedback for a 2nd edition of the core book which might be released late in 2013, though I wouldn’t put money on it.

Owl Hoot Trail

Kevin Kulp has taken over Owl Hoot Trail, knocked it into shape written a solid and fun adventure for it. It’s a great game to playtest – character generation is very fast, and it’s much more a Western with fantasy elements than the other way round. Please playtest it here.


The Enhanced Edition is awaiting art direction. It will probably be out in Russia before it is here.

Matt Sanderson’s great adventure The Love of Money is not quite getting the love it deserves. It’s an excellent convention game and a perfect example of how to integrate pre-gens with each other and with an adventure.

Stone Skin Press

See the Stone Skin Press round-up here, including a picture of delicious ARC copies of Shotguns vs Cthulhu. International Short Story Day will see the official launch of Stone Skin Press. If you are in London on June 20th and would like to attend, you can find all the information you need here.

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