13th Age Escalation Edition

 The what, now?

The Escalation Edition was the first pre-order of 13th Age, the fantasy roleplaying game from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet. Customers who pre-ordered the game before December 2012 got special perks including:

  • First refusal on the Limited Edition
  • Signed postcards
  • Their name in the credits
  • The PDF of the playtest rules which were upgraded to a PDF of the final rules then upgraded again to the final layout version of the book
  • The first part of the forthcoming adventure
  • The Escalation Edition web badge.

Get your own copy of 13th Age from the Pelgrane Shop or your local retailer! To learn more about the game check out the interviews, videos and Actual Play on the Resources page

“13th Age is, perhaps, the first d20 game that I’ve ever played that treats the game inside of combat and the game outside of combat with equal love, attention, and innovation.” – Jon Spengler, Dorkadia

“[13th Age] has just enough of the freedom I want from a tabletop game while also being able to balance the crunchy aspects. I was just about to swear off D20 games, too. So I’m glad I found this.” – Kirby Smith, playtester

“The combination of a streamlined…system with fun and unique character creation and an interesting high fantasy world have completely won me over.” – Ed Grabianowski, Robot Viking

“The system is absolutely brilliant. For me, it brings a lot of the things I really enjoy about traditional fantasy gaming and infuses them with some new and really useful ideas that you often see in more indie gaming.” – Aaron R., GM of Forgotten Sagas of the 13th Age, Obsidian Portal’s March 2013 Campaign of the Month

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