13 True Ways Kickstarter

With the 13th Age fantasy roleplaying game soon to be released, we want to keep the talented core team of Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Lee Moyer, and Aaron McConnell together to create a major expansion book. We’re offering you the chance to bring 13 True Ways into being as a 180+ page, beautifully illustrated book with an eclectic mix of classes, monsters, maps and new ideas. To make this possible, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign.

In addition, if the project is funded, all Escalation Edition customers will receive a PDF version of the druid, monk and multiclass chapters from 13 True Ways – so all our pre-orderers will benefit.

The project will include, as a minimum:

For Players:

  • New classes including the druid, monk, and chaos shaman
  • Multiclassing rules
  • New summoning rules and summoning spells
  • Rules for dragon-riding. (Note that this pretty much implies that there will be rules for riding horses too, but screw horses. Dragon-riding!)

For the Setting:

  • Details on the world’s forests and woods that make them as diverse and distinct as the cities
  • Details on monasteries, each of the monastic traditions and the proxy wars between competing orders
  • More about living dungeons
  • A short guide to the Empire’s finest, most distinctive or most dangerous taverns
  • Illustrated comparisons of what an adventurer tier, champion tier and epic tier environment should look like
  • Fantastic maps of the overworld and portions of the underworld
  • A cutaway map of a typical elven wood

For GMs:

  • Stats for the 13 icons so that various types of campaigns can bring them on stage
  • Gladiatorial games from the imperial city of Axis
  • Playable dungeons and flying realms in a quick-hit format designed to provide the high points the GM needs most, with suggestions for the rest of the experience
  • Monsters with monster tiles including summoned creatures and fan-created creatures
  • More cursed treasures that will make players hate themselves for wanting them so badly.
  • More information about the living dungeons of the Dragon Empire, plus beautiful new maps of the overworld and portions of the underworld.

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