The 13th Age Kickstarter and 13 True Ways

13 True Ways is a 180 page hardback book from the original 13th Age team – Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer. The Fire Opal and Pelgrane Press Kickstarter for 13 True Ways has hit its mark with over a week to go –  so it’s going to happen.

13 True Ways will include new classes such as the Druid and Monk (which all Escalation Edition customers will now get as a free PDF), multiclassing options, new creatures, summoning rules, monsters, masses of new setting material, and acres of gorgeous maps and artwork. Plus dragon riding!  Read more details about the book here.

We at Pelgrane are so pleased that this book will happen – it’s not something we expected when we took on the license. It’s an amazing bonus for us and 13th Age fans. That said, it could be even better. Supporting the Kickstarter will give everyone who gets the book additional content at no additional cost. If we hit stretch goals, you’ll get the necromancer*, new monsters and lots of other new material. You can also get rewards which include the Influence Die a d12 with symbols for all the Icons except the mysterious Prince of Shadows, full sets of postcards or even contribute an idea for a monster or dungeon.

Because we are funded, the rewards are now effectively pre-orders, and every one of them helps improve the book. Check out what’s on offer here – there are only a few days to go.

* I had to twist Rob Heinsoo’s arm to an unnatural angle to get anything out of him about the necromancer, but he gave me this:

“…it (like the wizard and the cleric and the druid) will come equipped with summoning options, but that the necromancers will be quite different than anyone else’s; and say that necromancers might play unexpected roles in adventuring parties, since the magic of the Lich King promises a great deal to those willing to sacrifice. “


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