A Man and His Satsumas

by Beth Lewis

If the last 3 years at Pelgrane have taught me anything, it’s the difference between satsumas and any other small citrus fruits. This is an important lesson, not only has it taught me precision in labelling which I’ve applied to my day-to-day work, but it has also given me greater appreciation and patience for one man’s strange obsession. It is safe to say that Simon Rogers is obsessed with satsumas. Not quite dangerously so, but when satsuma season ends and the shops are out of stock, a Jekyll and Hyde moment comes over the Pelgrane offices and all I can say to you, and to the lovely Cat who is taking over from me, is run. Run far and run fast.

Simon’s satsuma fetish can be seen in all things Pelgrane and Stone Skin, from the orangey Stone Skin website, to the Golden Satsuma Design competition. When the season is in full swing and two, sometimes three, bags of the small citrus can be found in the office, Simon’s skin takes on a distinctly orange hue. I worry that if the season lasted all year, he may start growing pith.

So as you may know, I am leaving Pelgrane to head into the wilds of Titan Books and manage the publication of their illustrated books. This position was too good an opportunity to pass up and although I am very sad to be leaving, I take comfort in the fact I am leaving Pelgrane Press in the best possible hands. Over the last few weeks many people have asked me what is it that prompted my departure and don’t I love RPGs anymore and whhhhhhhyyyyyyy. There are many reasons, new challenge, new opportunities etc etc, but really it is my own safety I fear for as last month the satsumas disappeared from Sainsburys…


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