See Page XX: February 2013

A shorter than usual Page XX this month as it’s a shorter than usual month, but what we’re lacking in length we’re making up for in quality.

In this edition, Robin D Laws talks about how significant a difference to your game writing a simple verbal change can be in Can vs Should, and Kenneth Hite talks about monster wrangling in the 13th Age Bestiary. Wade Rockett rocks us with tips on how to get the most from your teleportation spells in our upcoming game 13th Age, and James “Baron Munchausen” Wallis talks about the Kickstarter for Alas Vegas, his first RPG in twelve years set in a mysterious desert city that looks like Las Vegas but isn’t.

This month sees not one, but three articles from the Pelgrane’s Nest with Simon’s monthly update on all things Pelgrane, a farewell article from Pelgranista Beth and a hello from newbie Cat. Finishing us off this Page XX are some open calls for artists and Trail of Cthulhu adventure playtesters.


  • View from the Pelgrane’s Nest by Simon Rogers, all you need to know about the inner workings of Pelgrane Press.
  • Can vs Should by Robin D Laws, on how changing your phrasing can improve your design mindset.
  • Call of Chicago by Kenneth Hite, where he wrangles monsters in the 13th Age bestiary.
  • Alas Vegas – by James Wallis, where he talks about his RPG Kickstarter set in a mysterious desert city.
  • A Man and his Satsumas – say goodbye to Beth, and find out what she learned during her time at Pelgrane.
  • Hello World! – meet Cat. She’s new, and a bit excitable.
  • Call for Artists – we need more artists so please take a look and send us your work.
  • February playtesting – adventures for Trail of Cthulhu.

13th Age

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