See Page XX March 2013

Easter is coming soon, but the best Easter eggs are to be found right here in the March edition of Page XX, with the long-awaited downloadable Rumours of London player handouts for Bookhounds of London and redesigned character sheets for Trail of Cthulhu. We’ve also got an eggcellent article about clue gathering in the GUMSHOE system from Tony Williams, one from Ash Law with some cracking ideas for gender-flipped icons in 13th Age, and Greg Stolze has kindly shared a flowchart for finding the most appropriate 13th Age character class for your players. We’re also excited to announce the release of the first in Ken Hite’s Ken Writes About Stuff subscription series – an in-depth look at some Hideous Creatures: Deep Ones. And no edition of See Page XX would be complete without Simon’s View from the Pelgrane’s Nest, Ken’s Call of Chick-ago and a word from Robin D. Laws – this month with suggestions for how to deal with trait bombing players – and details of the latest Pelgrane games available for playtesting.

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