View from the Pelgrane’s Nest: March

This month sees a setback as the 13th Age layout is delayed when Chris Huth’s apartment burnt down, pats on the back as Pelgrane customers rallied round to help him in the fire sale, putting us back on track. We launch the KWAS subscription – Ken Writes About Stuff with its first component Hideous Creatures: Deep Ones. Deep Ones is available as a stand-alone if you prefer from the store.

Ken Writes About Stuff

DeepOnescoverEvery month, Ken will be writing a few thousand words on topics of note including Hideous Creatures – his take on Mythos entities and other topics of interest including new GUMSHOE settings and rules systems. Get the KWAS subscription, and you can receive this monthly knowledge, knowledge beyond our Ken, at a 30% discount from the price of each component. Ken gives you more information here.

13th Age

As you might already know, we received a setback in our 13th Age production when Chris Huth suffered an apartment fire which left him homeless. We ran a fire sale, and thanks to your generosity, Chris now has a computer and some way towards getting him back to the status ante incendium. Oh, and a subscription to a cloud back up service thanks to CrashPlan. Chris is giving us daily reports on his progress, and he’s using software to reverse compile the PDFs to extract a lot of the useful formatting data. In the mean time we’ve uploaded the final pre-fire versions to the order page, which includes the almost-finished character class chapters. My estimate for release is 1st July. The 13th Age Bestiary is coming on in leaps and bounds, with Cal Moore wrangling a group of exciteable writers under Ken’s supervision. Rich Longmore has sketched out the first monsters and is getting to work colouring them.

Esoterrorists 2.0

The art for Esoterrorists will be ready by the end of April. Here is Kyle Strahm’s take on a torture dog, and Tony Williams, a pre-orderer discusses the new version here, and how the new detailed breakdown of GUMSHOE in Eso 2.0 has helped him grokk the system better.TortureDog

Trail of Cthulhu

  • Hideous Creatures: Deep Ones is the first in a series of compact PDFs discussing seminal Mythos creatures. Ken discusses his approach here.
  • Vote in our poll to let us know which creatures you’d like to see
  • Mythos Expeditions is up for playtesting. Please apply here. Will has finished laying out Eternal Lies, sans art and we have some cover art from Jérome. It’s 379 pages in all, and now I am in a terrible pickle about how to release it. Currently I’m edging towards massive hardback with a limited edition with goodies. James Semple has finished the sound track with the Will Wheaton voice over ready for inclusion.
  • The Final Revelation, the collection of Graham Walmsley’s fine Purist adventures with a campaign frame by Scott Dorward, is very close to completion – it should be available for pre-order next month.
  • Soliders of Pen and Ink, a Trail adventure set in the Spanish civil war  and written by Adam Gauntlett is up for playtesting.
  • The final draft of Part 2 of Cthulhu Apocalypse: Slaves of the Green Man will be with us this week from Gareth.

Night’s Black Agents

Double Tap, the Night’s Black Agents expansion book is now in first draft, Dracula Dossier and the Unredacted Dracula are on their way and Ken supplies more information if you have the clearance here.

Ashen Stars

Ashen Stars is temporarily out of print, but we’ve just reprinted. and we will have new stock in June. Bill White’s Justice Trade is now in its final draft, so we’ll get this laid out over the next month and bundled with Tartarus, Stowaway and Terra Nova as a print product.

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