May 2013: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

pelgIf you want 13th Age news, there is enough to fill an article – see Through the Scrying Glass.

The most important news this month is the pre-release of our enormous campaign Eternal Lies, but we also offer the early release of the next installement of Ken Writes About Stuff, Hideous Creatures: The Hounds of Tindalos, available as always as a stand alone, and we are a gnat’s whisker from releasing the GUMSHOE SRD – making GUMSHOE open source.

Eternal Lies for Trail of Cthulhu

Ch7-Ethiopia-arrivalIt’s time for another fledgling to leave the nest. This one is the largest of the brood, a rugose monster, Eternal Lies.

Eternal Lies is our vast world-spanning campaign for Trail of Cthulhu, which, in the same way that Trail of Cthulhu is a tribute to Call of Cthulhu, nods respectfully towards Masks of Nyarlathotep, Beyond the Mountains of Madness and those other mammoth tomes, and it’s available for preorder.

The Complete Eternal Lies Suite

To accompany it, James Semple and his team of musicians, with Mike Torr, have expanded the Eternal Lies Suite of music to add twelve tracks. This now takes two forms, a complete set of music including ambient tracks and stings, for play in the campaign, and an album for listening with a voice over by Wil Wheaton. Yes, I said Wil Wheaton.

(If you already own the Eternal Lies Suite, go to your order page to get the extra tracks. We’ll email closer to the time about how you can get the CDs if you want them.)

Listen to the trailer voiced by Wil Wheaton


Eternal Lies Pre-Order – the Strange Aeons Edition

As is our tradition, we are offering a pre-order special – the Strange Aeons edition. This includes the finished PDF, sans art, now for pre-orderers, your name in the credits, and first refusal on the limited edition when it is released. We estimate a release date of mid-August.

If you have both the music and the book, the final PDF will include links to the appropriate music at the correct places in the text, so that you can play it during the game. So, for the pre-order period, you can get the music with the book at a substantial


 More Trail of Cthulhu

  • Hideous Creatures: Hounds of Tindalos by Kenneth Hite is out now as part of Ken Writes About Stuff or as a stand alone product.
  • Now that Robin Laws has passed Hillfolk over for layout, he is finishing the GUMSHOE SRD, then returning to work on Dreamhounds of Paris. Steve Dempsey will be finishing his portion in the next week.
  • Adam Gauntlett continues work on his Great War anthology Storm of Steel, which includes Vaterland – a scenario set in 1914 New York, aboard the premier German vessel of the Hamburg-American Line and
  • Graham Walmsley’s Final Revelation Purist collection with Scott Dorward, will be out next month
  • Mythos Expeditions is in playtesting
  • The Keeper’s Screen and Resource Book will be back with us mid-June
  • The Final Revelation: Graham Walmsley’s Purist adventures, featuring with Scott Dorward’s framing adventure are in layout
  • Cthulhu Apocalypse: Slaves of the Green Man is being expanded. It will feature an choice between a finale, and an open ending. The final ms will be with us in the next week, and we’ll have destroyed cities to post for June’s Page XX for the Black Book backers.
  • The Book of the New Jerusalem (Paula Dempsey’s follow up to Occult Guide) is nearing its first draft

Ashen Stars

John “Detective” Clayton has been working on a character builder for Ashen Stars. We’d really appreciate you trying this out for us. See playtesting for how to do this.

  • Ashen Stars has just been reprinted in all its full-colour glory and is back on sale.
  • The Justice Trade collection will be available in June.
  • Next up is a the Ashen Stars expansion book, provisionally called Accretion Disk

Night’s Black Agents

There is a fantastic new fillable, calculating character sheet by Matt “@hypersmurf” Breen’s available from the Night’s Black Agents resourcesarea.

  • The NBA expansion book Double Tap has been edited and art directed this month. The art has been held up by Eternal Lies.
  • The Unredacted Dracula will be completed by the end of the month, too.
  • Dracula Dossier is underway.
  • There is another major project I’d like to announce, but I won’t until the ink is dry on the project

Esoterrorists 2.0Host 4small

Now that 13th Age is finished, and all the art is done, Esoterrorists 2.0 is going into layout. Jerome is working on a cover for the Worm of Sixty Winters

Hillfolk /Dramasystem

Robin has delivered the final ms and artwork for Hillfolk and Blood on the Sand to Christian Knutsson for layout. When it’s laid out, we’ll put it up for pre-order.


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