Through the Scrying Glass: 13th Age Released

At last, 13th Age is now available to order, and will be in the stores on 5th August. Those customers who have received 13th Age and mentioned it online have said lovely things about the physical quality of the book. There is a good chance we’ll be authorising a new print run in the next couple of weeks, so reserve your copy with your FLGS or order it now – we are offering GenCon collection. The chance of us running out is modest, but it’s still there.

Shipping of Pre-Orders

First, the nitty-gritty of existing shipments of the 13th Age Core Book.  First, we are still getting address change emails – it’s too late for that, but rest assured, we’ll get you your copy.

  • US orders and Kickstarter backers are shipping out this week from Nevada, most of them on Tuesday 30th July. Limited editions have already shipped. When they are all out, orders will start shipping as normal.
  • UK, Canada and Rest of World orders have already gone out from the UK, including Limited Editions. Canada orders and Kickstarter backers shipped out today.
  • There is no tracking, but 95% of copies should have arrived by Monday 5th August (the day it’s available retail).


Limited Edition

The limited edition sold through very quickly. We have another hundred, which I’ll put on sale some time early next year.

GenCon Collection

If you have not yet placed an order, you can collect it at GenCon – find out more here. If you are an existing pre-orderer and you haven’t already arranged GenCon shipping, it’s too late. We are looking for GenCon GMs, too – see here for more detail.


The Bestiary

Rob has edited and rewritten The 13th Age Bestiary, ensuring we have a consistent voice and providing mechanics which fit the monster’s descriptions. You can see a sample monster over on EN World. My guess is that it will be on pre-order in December, and playtesting next month. This beauty is the Ettercap.


13 True Ways

We have more information on True Ways, our first supplement, here. It’s a mammoth book which will require extensive playtesting.

Organized Play

Our 13th Age Organised Play program is up and running – and on the 3rd August it will be running in some stores. We developed a harassment policy for organized play.

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