View from the Pelgrane’s Nest: July/August 2013

This month its all about the numbers!  We’ve received eight nominations for the ENnie awards, we are releasing eight new products in the next month or so, and 13th Age is on its way. Out now are the Final Revelation Graham Walmsley’s Purist adventures, Justice Trade for Ashen Stars, 13th Age Die Glocke and Owl Hoot Trail. On pre-order for shipping at the end of August are Hillfolk, Blood on the Snow, Double Tap (Night’s Black  Agents), Esoterrorists 2nd Edition, The Worm of Sixty Winters (Esoterrorists) and Eternal Lies (Trail of Cthulhu), all available from the store. You can pre-order them (and any other products) for GenCon collection.

ENnie Awards – Please Vote

We are pleased as punch to have been nominated for eight ENnie awards, more than even the big publishers, and the lion’s share of those nominations go to Night’s Black Agents – though our very own Page XX,  All We Have Forgotten and The Zalozhniy Quartet also get one a piece.

We really appreciate you voting for us if you think we are worthy. The voting booth is here – voting takes a few moments – and you can read more about our nominations here.

Collect At GenCon

We are offering GenCon collection this year for mail order customers – paste COLLECT@GENCON in the the voucher field on the order page, and you’ll be charged no shipping and we’ll have your order ready for collection at the stand. If you order more than three products, you’ll benefit from our convention 4 for 3 offer (this will only apply to convention orders, not store sales). You can’t combine a pre-order with any additional purchases at the booth to get this offer, so get what you want now for the best combo. For more details, if you need them, see the GenCon page.

13th Age

13th Age is now released in the store, and we’ll be shipping out orders as usual once we’ve caught up with the backlog. You can use the Collect At GenCon option in the store and meet Rob Heinsoo at the stand.

US mail orders are shipping out 31st July. Canadian orders have left the UK. The Rest of the World and all limited edition orders are on their way. For more on 13th Age, see View Through the Scrying Glass.

DramaSystem / Hillfolk

wickthievesHillfolk and Blood on the Snow are on pre-order. You can pre-order the beautiful A4 hardback version now for shipment out in early September (or choose collection at GenCon). You’ll get the linked PDFs now. Kickstarter backers can collect at GenCon, too – we’ll be emailing all backers next week to confirm addresses and offer GenCon shipment.

Esoterrorists and Fear Itself

Esoterrorists 2.0 is on pre-order – existing pre-orderers can download a full PDF now. The layout is finished, and the book is with the printers. It features the very latest GUMSHOE system, advice and an new setting for Esoterrorists – Station Duty. We are sorry about the delay – this was caused by indexing issues.

The long-awaited sequel to Albion’s Ransom: The Worm Of Sixty Winters is on sale now – it serves as a sequel to Albion’s Ransom: Little Girl Lost, or a stand-alone extended adventure where the Esoterrorists have the upper hand.

We are planning a new version of Fear Itself, updated to the latest GUMSHOE version, with new material from Dave Allsop featuring his disturbing Ocean Game and terrible new creatures of Unremitting Horror.

Night’s Black Agents

  • dtcoverThe first of our GUMSHOE Expansion Book, Double Tap is on pre-order, for release at the end of August, or collection at GenCon.
  • Night’s Black Agents has been nominated for five ENnie awards: Best Rules (Ken and Robin), Best Interior Art (Chris Huth, Aleseandro Alaia, and Phil Reeves with art direction by Beth Lewis) , Best Game (Ken), Best Writing (Ken) and Product of the Year (everyone!). If you haven’t considered it before, why not read the latest reviews and take the plunge?
  • Ken will have the skeleton of the Dracula Dossier ready within a couple of weeks, supported by Dracula Unredacted.

Ken Writes About Stuff

According to the legend, in 1944 the SS built a mysterious device deep in a Silesian mine shaft. Its bell-like shape gave it the nickname “die Glocke,” or “the Bell,” but the purpose of “Project Lantern-Bearer” remains a mystery to this day.

Die Glocke is the latest installment of Ken Writes About Stuff – Ken’s subscription line. Get it as a stand alone product or part of the subscription.

Trail of Cthulhu

  • Graham Walmsley’s The Final Revelation is the long-awaited print collection of the adventures which defined the Purist mode of Trail of Cthulhu play, collated and brought together with a linking adventure by Scott Dorward with additional interior art and a new cover by Jérome Hugeunin. We’ve emailed vouchers to existing mail order customers offering a discount on this collection.
  • The mammoth campaign Eternal Lies is on pre-order – we’ve had the proofs back, and we are expecting delivery soon for sale at GenCon and release in late August.
  • Mythos Expeditions – we’ve got five expeditions up for playtesting. Why not try them?

Ashen Stars

dwarfThe Justice Trade is a new print book on order, which collects together the PDF releases of Tartarus, Terra Nova and Stowaway, and adds a new adventure by Bill White. We are sending out vouchers for existing customers who bought Terra Nova, Tartarus or the flip book.

Next up for Ashen Stars is Accretion Disk, an expansion book.

Owl Hoot Trail

Owl Hoot Trail, our d20 Fantasy / Western mash up is on sale.


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