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Page XX logo Hallowe'enHallowe’en is nearly upon us, but there’s no toothy pumpkins or plastic skellingtons around here ! We do have some old-fashioned horror in the epic Trail of Cthulhu campaign Eternal Lies, now available in PDF – and as a Call of Cthulhu conversion, thanks to Andy Nicholson – find out how he converted it below. Also available in PDF is Owl Hoot Trail, which people have been demanding electronically.

This month, we’ve got a Hallowe’en-themed KWAS for you in the form of ghoulish…well, ghouls. Live a more modern form of horror in Kabul, as described by Jonathan Turner in a Quick and Dirtywrite-up on the city, and be horrified by Ken’s in-depth look at who the real Dracula might be in his Call of Chicago column.

We’ve been updating a lot of the Resources pages on the website with new handouts, charts and maps – we’ve flagged up some of the updates in their own section below. And to finish up, there’s Simon’s View from the Pelgrane’s Nest and some great advice from Robin D. Laws, as well as details of the latest Pelgrane games – and don’t forget the Ashen Stars character generator – available for playtesting.

New Releases

  • Eternal Lies PDF – the linked PDF for the epic Trail of Cthulhu campaign – grab this if the 400-page hardback book was too much for you
  • Owl Hoot Trail PDF – brought forward for sale due to popular demand is the PDF of this gritty Clint Eastwood western game, set in a hostile fantasy world
  • Hideous Creatures: Ghouls – the ghoulish latest edition of KWAS from the horrific pen of Kenneth Hite


Resource Page updates

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