February 2014: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

Our schedule has settled down now, with regular monthly releases. It’s still hectic, but its hectically doing layout, editing, art direction and development on different books rather than working on a stacks of manuscripts at the same stage in development.

The TimeWatch RPG Kickstarter is in its final stages, and has hit its Mythos stretch goal and as I write is whizzing towards a 96-page adventure supplement free to all backers $25. It really brings something new to GUMSHOE.

Up this month is the pre-order for The Gaean Reach Gazetteer, the essential companion volume for Vancian sci-fi game The Gaean Reach . We’re also releasing the PDFs of Robin D. Laws’ first DramaSystem game, Hillfolk, as well as its companion volume Blood on the Snow. Hideous Creatures: Star Vampires is the latest edition of Ken Writes about Stuff, and Rob Wieland’s Encore rounds off this month’s new releases for the Series Pitch of the Month club.

Shipping Pricing

We’ve held back shipping costs for as long as we can, but with additional printing costs chomping at us from both ends, we will be increasing them on 1st March 2014. So, now is a very good time to order anything you’ve been considering, particularly if you are based outside the US and UK. We will still be subsidising shipping to a certain extent, even after these changes.

13th Age

  • We’re releasing an introductory adventure for Free RPG Day – Make Your Own Luck. It’s a prequel to Gareth’s Eyes of the Stone Thief, in which the characters must hold out in a town under siege while seeking out the enemy with in. This will be available in stores, and we hope that players of f20 games will grab this and give 13th Age a shot.
  • The Bestiary layout is being proofed and we should have it with the printers next week. It’s gorgeous.
  • We distracted Gareth briefly from his Stone Thief writing duties to work on Make Your Own Luck, but the first draft should be finished in the first week of March. We’ve had lots and lots of playtest reports – thank you for that!
  • The Monk, Commander and Druid from 13 True Ways are available for download on your 13th Age Core Book order page. Try them out! Rob, Lee and Jonathan having been working very productively on True Ways this month – it’s progressing nicely.
  • blackdragon
  • We’ve now released our official licenses – two compatibility licenses, and a community use license with their associated logos. If you want to create 13th Age supplements, stand-alone books with the Archmage Engine rules or create a fan site, these articles are for you.
  • I talked to our potential big licensee recently, but I can’t say anything until the t’s are crossed.
  • The 13th Age Organised Play is doing amazingly well with more than 300 active groups. We will be using this knowledge to spread the OP goodness to our other lines.

Hillfolk and DramaSystem

Ultra limited edition 2Hillfolk and its supplement Blood on the Snow are now available as PDFs from the store. The Series Pitch of the Month is now in its fifth month – subscribe now to get all five now and the other seven over the following months. It features celestial cast of game designers including Jess Scoble, John Wick and John Kovalic.

The Ultra Limited Edition Hillfolk books with their embroidered covers for top-level Kickstarter backers (all eight of them) will be ready to ship next week.

The Gaean Reach RPG

To support the Gaean Reach RPG, we’ve released a Gazetter of Jack Vance’s SF setting – PDF now, print later. The Gaean Reach RPG itself has received a stellar review (as it were) from the Vircades Project:

The Gaean Reach sets out to do one thing – cover a Jack Vance-style vengeance plot. It does this very well, providing the tools for a fast-moving game built around collaborative plot creation and world-building.

You can read the full review here.

Trail of Cthulhu


Other GUMSHOE Goodness

Accretion Disk for Ashen Stars progresses well. We’ve got firm plans for a new edition of Fear Itself, featuring Dave Allsop’s Ocean Game and the latest GUMSHOE developments. Esoterrorists 2.0 is doing better than I expected. Ken Hite has been doing little apart from work on the Dracula Dossier this month, so expect big progress.


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