Blood Corpse ProfileUndead

by Casey Peavler and Ryven Cedrylle

+2 to Con or +2 to Cha


It’s not hard to understand why undead are feared and reviled by all cultures and all races. Mindless monsters, recently dead loved ones risen from the grave to feed on their family. The haunted spirits of those long-dead. Nothing in particular would make them especially endearing to the average humanoid. Their reputation is not undeserved, as they are products of curses or dark magic or other foul circumstances. Occasionally an undead arises who has retained his or her senses and sometimes even their memories despite their dark curse. Sometimes the undead are called back from beyond the grave to inhabit bodies which will no longer bear their mortal flesh but must soldier on anyways. Some are ancient phantoms who died in the pursuit of a noble cause, and who carry on until that cause or one equally worthy is fulfilled.




Bony Physique

While the Escalation Dice is at 0, take half damage from physical attacks.

Champion Feat: Take half damage from physical attacks while Escalation Dice is at 1, too.




Spectral Form


Minor Action

Effect:Create an effect related to being dead that you and your GM can agree on. If the desired effect is something that directly affects another creature, roll it as an attack using your highest ability score against either the target’s PD or MD as the DM deems appropriate.

Champion Feat: At the end of combat, roll a d20. On a 16+, your effect recharges.




Life Drain


Free Action

Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack

Effect: Deal half damage and spend a recovery.

Champion Feat: The recovery you spend grants temporary hit points instead.

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