Testimony of an Esoterror Recruit

Excerpt from interview conducted at Debriefing Center Xenon, 9/12/12

Subject: Nathan Cox, age 27


Interviewer: So what do you think you did to attract their attention?

Subject: Attract her attention, you mean?

Interviewer: However you want to answer the question, Nathan.

Subject: Don’t call me by my first name like you know me. I don’t like that.

Interviewer: You don’t want me to bring the other guy back in here, do you?


Interviewer: What’s that, Nathan?

Subject: No, no I don’t.

Interviewer: So tell me how your story starts.

Subject: I’m just a normal guy. I work a job, I go to night school, I got this girl I’m kinda seeing.

Interviewer: So why do they approach you, then?

Subject: Well on the side I got this hobby.

Interviewer: Hobby?

Subject: I like to bust up statues. Not like real statues, like valuable art statues. But in the neighborhood l live in, there’s a lot of Italians and Portuguese, right?

Interviewer: You’re part Italian, correct?

Subject: Yeah, on my ma’s side. So they like garden statuary. Plaster stuff. Poured concrete. Sometimes it’s Virgin Marys and saints and whatnot. Sometimes it’s more classical statues.

Interviewer: Like in this photo, here, for example. Of Atlas carrying the world. Except somebody’s smacked off his arms. With what, a hammer?

[Subject nods.]

Interviewer: You did this, Nathan?

Subject: Yeah, yeah, probably. I was drunk a lot of the time. But if a statue got broken in my neighborhood, it was probably me that did it.

Interviewer: And did you vandalize them in any particular way that might have attracted their interest?

Subject: Well there’s the practical to consider. There’s only certain bits of a statue you can break. But within that, I always tried to do the most to ruin what the statue meant. Does that make any sense?

Interviewer: So Atlas isn’t Atlas anymore if he has no arms to carry the Earth.

Subject: Yeah, like that.

Interviewer: Do you know what semiotics is, Nathan?

Subject: No.

Interviewer: Did Odessa ever use that word with you?

Subject: Uh, maybe. But I keep telling you, her name isn’t Odessa. It’s Katherine. Katherine James.

Interviewer: Did she explain what it was about your vandalism that led her to track you down?

Subject: She said I wasn’t just a vandal, I was an artist. Making statements. Destroying meaning. Changing the vibration of my neighborhood.

Interviewer: And you took that seriously.

Subject: The way Katherine talks, you take everything she says seriously. It all makes sense, when she says it.

Interviewer: Including kidnapping?

Subject: Well that was months later. I was in deep by then. She made me think we were changing the world.

Interviewer: Changing it how?

Subject: Taking all the powerful people who didn’t deserve to be lording over the rest of us ordinary people and casting them down. Giving ordinary people like me a chance to rule.

Interviewer: Were you sleeping with her?

Subject: I wish.

Interviewer: But she implied that maybe you might get to, eventually.

Subject: Not in so many words.

Interviewer: Would it be fair to say she led you to infer it?

Subject: Maybe.

Interviewer: Was that on your mind when you smothered the victim for her?

Subject: I need a break. Can we stop talking about this?

Interviewer: Sure, Nathan. Do you want anything?

Subject: I wish I hadn’t done it. I want to die. If you bring the other guy back in, will he kill me?


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