13th Age Organized Play: April 2014 Update

Elf Queen SketchBy ASH LAW

Our latest adventure is out: The Elf Queen’s Enchantment.

In this adventure the elves answer the call of the Dwarf King, marching west to aid in defeating the renegade orc warlord General Gul. The adventurers are called upon to act as wayfinders for the elven forces, being dropped ahead of the army by eagle riders to clear the way.

GMs: If you’re a Tales of the 13th Age GM, check your email to download The Elf Queen’s Enchantment. If you’re not in the program, sign up here!

Players: This 4th level adventure takes place simultaneously with Wrath of the Orc Lord and Domain of the Dwarf King, and intersects with those. Unless you have a character who has a compelling One Unique Thing that lets them be in more than one place at once you should play a different 4th level character than the one you used for Wrath of the Orc Lord.

Other News

Award time
As you have probably heard, 13th Age has been nominated for an Origins Award for best RPG!

The maps from the current adventure and a lot of maps from the previous adventures can be found here.

GM of the Month
We asked our organized play GMs who deserves to win GM of the Month for the 2nd level adventures…

Who deserves to win GM of the Month for Wyrd of the Wild Wood?

You answered: Aaron Roudabush

Who deserves to win GM of the Month for Quest in the Cathedral?

You answered: Aaron Roudabush

Who deserves to win GM of the Month for Shadow Port Shuffle?

You answered: Ben Roby and Sarah Miller

This will be the 2nd win for team Roby-Miller, as they also won for Crown of the Lich King. You can read about it on their blog.

Until next time, stay awesome!


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