Dreamlands – the Movie

dreamlands_logoA German filmmaker has adopted a very special genre: The legendary Dreamlands stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

The crowdfunding campaign to finance Huan Vu’s new fantasy film started out with great success. Over 44,000€ were raised by IndieGoGo and crowdinvest in the first days. That beat even the expectations of the team. Filmfans can join the crowdfunding on IndieGoGo until 3rd August 2014, where they can get attractive rewards and will help Huan Vu’s vision come true.

“Lovecraft’s stories have influenced the work of many authors and filmmakers like the novels of Stephen King and David Lynch’s cult TV show Twin Peaks. But there are only a few films which base directly on Lovecraft’s work”, says director Huan Vu. The German filmmaker studied at the “Stuttgart Media University“ and has created „Die Farbe“, an award winning film based on Lovecraft’s story “The Colour Out Of Space”. “Die Farbe” was shot on a very tight budget. Vu’s new film will be a more elaborate production. The team wants to raise the needed €155,000 (about USD 211,000/ GBP 126,000) with crowdfunding. “The Dreamlands” is based on several Lovecraft stories, the “Dream Cycle”.

The film will be made with complex visual effects and will be shot in English. This creates an easier access to the international market and makes is possible to work with well-known actors.

“The funding of such a project is still a problem in Germany. Under normal circumstances, genre films like this are difficult to create within the German film industry”, explains Vu and adds: “The international Lovecraft Fandom gives us a good foundation from where we can build up our project.”

The needed money will be raised using two different crowdfunding systems. On the one hand the team uses the crowdfunding platform “IndieGoGo”, where backers will get rewards like T-shirts and the final film on DVD or Blu-ray. On the other hand there is an investment model where supporters can invest higher amounts, starting at €250.00 (about USD 340/GBP 203). At the end the investors will get a profit-sharing if the project is successful. The investment-model is made for people who would like to spend bigger amounts of money on “The Dreamlands”.

The author Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island where he also died in 1937. He is known as one of the most influencing authors in the fantasy- and horror-genre. His way to create tension by confronting his characters with unexplainable phenomena still gathers a huge fan-base. “I always had the feeling that those unique stories must be brought on the silver screen. So I decided to fulfil this dream with my effort for “The Dreamlands”, says Vu.

If the funding is successful the shooting for “The Dreamlands” will start in 2015.

“The Dreamlands” on IndieGoGo.

“The Dreamlands” on the web.


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