Bill and Mel White’s Trail of Cthulhu and New World Actual Plays

Tongued By FireWorking with his brother, Mel, Bill White (author of The Big Hoodoo, Tongued with Fire, and the forthcoming coming All Along the Watchtower and The New World, a freewheeling narrative RPG of mash-up alternate history) has posted a 10-minute excerpt from his Dexcon 2014 game online. It’s from a scenario set in Japan, written by Don Corcoran; the excerpt is labeled “Samurai Staredown.” The complete audio of that adventure, called “Irezumi,” is also on this page. He’s also included the complete audio of a game of “Tongued With Fire” (his Mythos Expeditions adventure) from earlier this year in the same place. The complete recap of all their Dexcon 2014 games is also available here.

You can hear these short and entertaining moments of actual play excerpted from audio recordings here.


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