Five Known Associates of Quandos Vorn

wade_GR_opponents_v2In The Gaean Reach Roleplaying Game, your posse of vengeance-seekers hunt for interstellar villain, Quandos Vorn. Pick apart Vorn’s network of comrades for leads to the scum’s whereabouts. Choose one or more of these figures to investigate, interrogate, and eliminate, and let your GM know that your selection of quarry has widened. The following is a list of Quandos Vorn’s known associates.

Vark Carbines, pirate-baron turned poet. An old raiding-buddy of Vorn’s, the duo share verse and spirits while bombarding helpless colonies. They ride twice yearly through Alastor’s backwater worlds, blasting villages into smithereens. Vark’s penchant for rapine and murder are second to his poetic aspirations. Functionally illiterate, Vark dictates his free-verse to transcription slaves. His only published work, A Life of Mine: My Life: a Cantos Completica, was edited and printed at gun-point. Do not underestimate Vark. His sword-and-pistol style is rivaled by few.

Vark Carbines
Abilities: Athletics 8, Health 6, Scuffling 12, Shooting 10
Weapons/damage: sword +1, projac
Hit threshold: 4
Alertness modifier: +1
Stealth modifier: +1

“Regrettably, it appears that illiteracy is no longer a barrier to publication.”
“This sounds remarkably like bad poetry.”
“I admire your torpor.”

Teagen Bray, long gun hunter. Bray and Vorn disappear for weeks into the jungles of Camberwell for leviathan game hunting. Her long gun, Rhythm, was a present from Vorn, after she saved his life from the maw of a beast, which became known as the Vornbane. They still hunt the thing today. Bray can kill from miles away, but she likes to watch her target’s death throws at close range. She moonlights as a gun-for-hire, dispatching Vorn’s foes, usually in open clearings, crowded markets, and dank bars.

Teagen Bray
Abilities: Athletics 8, Health 6, Scuffling 10, Shooting 12
Weapons/damage: long gun +1, knife +0
Attack pattern: (shooting) +4/+2/+2/+4
Hit threshold: 4
Alertness modifier: +2
Stealth modifier: +2

“That would be a long shot.”
“I can see well enough, through a scope!”
“Make note of this: taken on recommendation.”

Lidya Ennister, Reach renown chef and poisonista. Captain and chef de cuisine of the ultra-luxurious interstellar dining yacht, the Kitchen, Ennister’s provides for the Reach’s wealthiest. Her best customer, Quandos Vorn, has an open seat at a table for two, every night. Reservations are stratospherically priced, and hard to come by. Often, meals are paid with rare ingredients for Ennister’s true passion, poisoncraft. She handcrafts salves and poultices of varying lethality for saboteurs Reach-wide. This poison sommelier is responsible for a dinner time coup of several generations of Connatic families.

Lidya Ennister
Abilities: Athletics 6, Health 6, Scuffling 10
Weapons/damage: airtube +1, knife +0
Airtube darts: sleeping, hallucination, paralyzing
Hit threshold: 3
Alertness modifier: +0
Stealth modifier: +0

“You may do well to savor this.”
“Bad taste is rather refreshing.”
“I have had my fill.”

Dealgrim Mateus, 99th degree Fellow at the Institute. Setter of Policy and member of Dexad, Mateus owes a lot to Vorn. His position, clout, and respect were all earned in return for modest favors to Vorn. If Vorn needs at trade embargos, a grant for a dubious project, or an within the Institute, Mateus will serve. He is a lanky man, never seen without a cane or his misogyny. He is careful, rarely dirtying his hands with enemy’s blood, and acts through intermediaries. Mateus hosts week-long masquerade parties at his residence on Koryphon, which Vorn is rumoured to attend in deep disguise.

Dealgrim Mateus
Abilities: Athletics 6, Health 6, Scuffling 8
Weapons/damage: cane sword +0
Hit threshold: 3
Alertness modifier: +0
Stealth modifier: -1

“Small men cannot concern themselves with grand things.”
“Be succinct, fool.”
“This situation necessitates your leaving”.

Adeline [surname unknown], Inquisitor. Adeline manages a complex network of intelligence operatives throughout the Reach. She has bureaus in every major space port, and some minor ones. Based in the city of Budapest on Old Earth, Adeline is believed to be a blood relative of Quandos Vorn. Adeline’s network, the School, keeps tabs on every vengeance-seeker after her precious Quandos. The School has open enrolment, offering work in fields such as private investigations, background checks, and contract killings.

Abilities: Athletics 10, Health 6, Scuffling 12, Shooting 12
Weapons/damage: sword +1, projac
Hit threshold: 4
Alertness modifier: +2
Stealth modifier: +2

Tag Lines:
“I am in the business of evasion.”
“This is an amazing distraction.”
“Patience is not a component of this identity.”

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