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We’ve had our heads down for the last month trying to wrangle the growing piles of Dracula Dossier text into more printable book forms, and that’s been eating into our time to do other things, like making some changes to the shop and website. But they’ll be coming soon, probably in the next few months. Time has continued to tick over while we’ve been busy, marking the end of the second volume of Ken Writes About Stuff, now available as a collection in the webstore. If you subscribed to that, you’ll also be getting a bonus PDF (Foul Congeries #2), once Ken’s finished with his Dracula Dossier commitments – we’ll let you know when we’ve added that to your order receipt page. That means there’s now a third subscription available, kicking off with Hideous Creatures: Tcho-Tcho (which will be available as a stand-alone PDF in the store later in April). Tomb-Hounds of Egypt is now available as a stand-alone PDF, as are Dreamhounds of Paris and its companion volume, The Book of Ants. And 13th Age Monthly subscribers have Candles, Clay & Dancing Shoes on their order receipt page.

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