Kelvin Green reviews Eyes of the Stone Thief

STONECOVERKelvin Green reviewed the 13th Age’s Eyes of the Stone Thief on his blog. Thanks, Kelvin! He says,

“Eyes of the Stone Thief is quite different from any other megadungeon I’ve seen, but then a traditional approach wouldn’t have been the best example of what makes 13th Age different from other Dungeons and Dragons variants … a lot of well-written content, well organised, and with lots of good ideas; almost every section has some room or monster or trap that makes me want to unleash it on my players right this second, and if that’s not a sign of a good adventure, I don’t know what is.”

“It’s a big book but it’s not as intimidating as I thought it would be, because it’s written with a light touch and plenty of wit, and it is well organised. Monster statistics are included in the area in which they appear, which does increase the page count when they turn up in multiple sections but I imagine will be quite handy at the table, and each part of the complex is illustrated with an excerpt from the larger dungeon map so it’s always clear which text is referring to which section. “

“There are plenty of factions within the dungeon too…all are dangerous — even the friendly ones — and all have their own plans and goals, some of which clash with each other, creating plenty of opportunity for sneaky players to create alliances and engage in all sorts of political intrigue backstabbing, and that’s before the influence of 13th Age’s icons is taken into account. In short, there is plenty for the players to do within the dungeon even when they’re bored of killing things.” 

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