Eternal Lies Whisper From the Vault

The Eternal Lies Limited Edition

Eternal Lies is our tribute to the great epic Call of Cthulhu adventures such as Masks of Nyarlathotep and Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Eternal Lies was released at GenCon 2013, won two ENnie awards and has its own fan community and now has an alternative ending.

We printed 125 limited editions, and they’ve been waiting in vault protected by dire occult sigils. Now the seal has been broken and the eldritch tomes are finally free. The cover is brown faux leather with gold foil lettering, and includes a specially designed book plate signed by Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball, co-creators of Eternal Lies.EL-bookplate-full-bleed-4-18

The book retails at $80 / £60 plus shipping.

Having emailed all Eternal Lies customers with the first option to pick them up – as is their privilege – we can now offer the few remaining copies publicly. If you want one of the limited edition copies, grab one at this secret store link.

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