13th Age Organized Play: October 2015 Update

13thAgeAllianceOnWhiteDownload Battle of Axis and Race to Starport

Season Two of 13th Age organized play kicked off with Race to Starport, which features a bizarre and creepy new threat to the Dragon Empire. We’ve updated the Organized Play Google Doc to include download links to Race to Starport and The Battle of Axis, the grand finale to Season One.

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If you’re a 13th Age Monthly subscriber, you can download Race to Starport from your order page. (RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf subscriptions to 13th Age Monthly will include the new organized play adventures.)

The first three Season Two adventures will be available FREE to all 13th Age Alliance GMs and 13th Age Monthly subscribers. Which brings us to….

13th Age Monthly LogoSubscribe to 13th Age Monthly, Get All of Season Two

If you like Race to Starport,  subscribe to 13th Age Monthly and you’ll get ALL of Season Two as a free add-on—not just the first three adventures.

Plus you’ll get new 13th Age stuff every month, such as dragon riding mechanics, summoning spells for demons, elementals and archons, Jonathan Tweet’s 7-icon campaign, and much more.

Actual Play: Saving Throw Show

ST_GREY_blogheaderPeople often ask us for Actual Play podcasts or videos that spotlight what makes 13th Age distinctive. There are lots of great Actual Play shows out there, but if you’re not already familiar with 13th Age mechanics such as One Unique Thing, icon relationships, backgrounds and the escalation die, it can be hard to tell when those elements are in play.

Earlier this year, Saving Throw Show recorded a live streaming 13th Age session as part of their 24-Hour Marathon to End Alzheimer’s. It’s a good intro to the game because it starts with an overview of what makes 13th Age different from other F20 games, and those elements are explicitly called out during play. Watch here or embedded below:

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