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High Druid’s World

A collection of playable monster stats for NPC druids and powerful druidic dragons. Creatures from level 3 to level 11 show how player-character style spells can be adapted to ‘monstrous’ applications. It also includes ideas on the philosophy of the High Druid, and notes on what’s hidden by the green canopies of the forests on our cityfolk map […]

Further Alarums – Downtime for Seven Icons

More random tables for your player characters’ between-adventure mini-stories—this time for heroes connected to the Great Gold Wyrm, High Druid, Lich King, Orc Lord, Priestess, Prince of Shadows, and the Three. Each mini-story includes a reward, a temporary background, or a temporary contact; plus a question or two that will help players contribute to the […]


A 13th Age Bestiary-style entry for magical guardians created by the Elf Queen, who gradually leave the Queen’s magic behind and become part of nature’s rhythms—as controlled by the High Druid. What happens to ancient elven secrets when they’re finally allowed to blossom? By Cal Moore & Rob Heinsoo. Nymphs is the tenth installment of the second 13th […]

Mounted Combat

Rules for riding horses, war rhinos, giant lizards, bison, giant spiders, sable antelopes, and other critters into 13th Age battles. If you recognized some of these as Gloranthan creatures, that’s because this issue of the Monthly will include content aimed at 13th Age in Glorantha that will be perfectly at home in other fantasy campaign worlds. […]

Alarums & Incursions: Downtime for Six Icons

Fun random tables to generate mini-stories for player characters between adventures, or figure out what a character was up to when their player couldn’t make it to Game Night. Each icon-related task or experience includes a suggested contact, a temporary background, or a reward. GMs can also use these tables to generate zany plot ideas for NPCs related to the Archmage, […]

Shades of Fey

The fey are non-elven creatures, shadowy travelers with ambiguous magic: pixies, sprites, spectral hounds, and more. Their goals are obscure, their abilities mysterious, their forms deceptive. Shades of Fey brings these strange beings to your 13th Age campaign, with: 10 icon-themed variants, from magic made flesh to shapeshifting brigands 8 fey monsters, including sprites, spriggans, river-women […]

Temple of the Sun Cabal

To save the world, sometimes you gotta save a vampire—especially when they have information you need, but they’ve been captured by the not-so-friendly neighborhood sun cult. Getting to their island temple won’t be easy, though. Will you choose the Path of Battle, the Path of Cunning, or the (suspiciously named) Path of Welcome? This adventure for […]


In the Dragon Empire, the imperial city of Axis is the hub of civilization—but even there, the barbaric spectacle of bloody arena combat draws cheering crowds. Who among the gladiators will ascend to fame and glory today, and who will fall? Here you’ll find notes on gladiatorial armor, dragon patrons, crest-taking, staged holy wars, Dragon Empire gladiators as they […]

Coin Tricks

How can we make those monster-guarded piles of coins more interesting…? There are few things a sword-and-spell-slinging adventurer loves more than a full coin purse — so why not take advantage of it? Coin Tricks by Rob Heinsoo and Lynne Hardy turns the one thing that all PCs will literally die to obtain into a rich source of plot hooks […]

Sorcerer Summoning

Flux elementals, lightning drakes, scornful undead, and diabolical burnination! In Sorcerer Summoning, Rob Heinsoo introduces all-new spells that connect with the sorcerer’s heritage talents. Summon powerful elementals, or an undead courtier of the Lich King who unleashes both damage and withering snobbery on your enemies. Wield the sorcerous heritage of the Three to call forth an electric stream of lightning drakes! Summon the […]

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