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It’s full steam ahead in the production mines, as we gear up for the summer convention season. With the tenth anniversary of GUMSHOE this year, we’re ambitiously aiming to release three new GUMSHOE core books; you can get a sneak peek at the work in progress of the first of these, Fear Itself 2nd Ed, by pre-ordering it this month, which will get you the plain-text playtest version, and your name in the credits. Other new releases include the PDF of High Magic and Low Cunning – Battle Scenes for Five Icons; this PDF comes bundled with the beautiful full-colour map PDF for free. We’ve also got an epic 13th Age fight in the form of Gladiators, the latest issue of the second 13th Age Monthly.

New Releases


13th Age

Resource Page Updates – Trail of Cthulhu

      • The Armitage Files mind map (note – contains spoilers for the campaign!), created by Scott Nickell using FreeMind (external link). Download it here.
      • An updated Enchiridion of Elucidation, a guidebook for both players and Keepers, with advice on playing the game, by Tony Williams

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