June 2016: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

TimeWatch and Brexit have occupied my attention this month. Cat has been neck-deep in Gen Con preparations. I’ve written about the UK referendum here, but the tl;dr is that it won’t affect Pelgrane Press or our customers directly. All the physical rewards for Dracula Dossier other than the Hawkins Papers have shipped, and we are able to offer the three final books as a bundle on pre-order.  TimeWatch is on the presses; the main PDFs have gone out and we’ll be collecting details on backerkit soon. 13th Age sees the release of the Temple of the Sun Cabal , and for 13th Age Monthly subscribers get a new Organised Play adventure the Free RPG Day release Swords Against The Dead as a PDF.

      • The Edom FilesEight desperate missions for the Dracula Dossier  take you from the mountains of Bulgaria to the streets of Berlin; from the Russo-Turkish war to the War on Terror, and from 1877 to the present day.
      • The Edom Field Manualbuild sanctioned vampire hunters, learn how to slay your vampire foes as a sacntioned agent of MI6, and build your own version of Edom.
      • The Thrill of Dracula – Kenneth Hite takes apart Dracula into his component pieces, and shows you how to build new, yet mythic, stories about the King of the Vampires for your  Dracula Dossier or other horror game
      • Temple of the Sun Cabal – To save the world, you have to save a vampire – from the not-so-friendly neighborhood sun cult. A one-shot adventure by Wade Rockett is the latest edition of 13th Age Monthly

ENnie Nominations

The ENnie award nominations have been announced, and Pelgrane Press is up for ten awards – more than any other publisher! Congratulations to all the nominees – we are in august company.

Dracula Dossier – Director’s Handbook was nominated for Best Adventure, Best Writing  and Product of the Year. The Dracula Dossier: Hawkins Papers got the nod as Best Supplement – the only electronic product in a stellar line up of other nominations. Our friends at All Rolled Up, received recognition for All Rolled Up – Dracula Dossier: The Black Archive as the Best Aid/Accessory, but it’s up against 13th Age Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book. Also for 13th Age, in Best Free Product, ASH LAWs Race to Starport. Get this free when you sign up for organised play on the Pelgrane Press bookshelf. Ken Writes About Stuff Volume 3 is in the Best RPG Related Product, and Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff is again are nominated in the Best Podcast category. Trail of Cthulhu: The Long Con is nominated for Best Electronic Book.

Finally, this very webzine, See Page XX  has been nominated as Best Website.

Please consider voting for us in the voting booth.

Edom Field Guide Cover_350

Gen Con – We Need GMs!

This year at Gen Con demand is higher than ever before and we urgently need more GMs! We’ll provide you with booked game slots and pre-written new adventures. As a member of the GM team, you’ll meet the Pelgrane crew at Gen Con – Kenneth Hite, Rob Heinsoo, Kevin Kulp, ASH LAW, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, and Wade Rockett – for an exclusive GM briefing, get t-shirts, convention adventures, store discounts and other freebies. Plus, if you run sixteen hours or more of adventures, we’ll pay for your badge! Please contact Cat Tobin if you are interested.

Dracula Dossier

Edom Files, Thrill of Dracula and the Edom Field Manual are available on preorder from the store, and they will be in the stores before the end of July. Only the Hawkins Papers are left to deliver. Backers have been sent an email with a grabcode for all the digital content to add to the Pelgrane Press bookshelf.


changing limitedThe TimeWatch RPG, The Book of Changing Years and Behind Enemy Times are on the presses. I’ve sent out an email via mailchimp to backers who can now add the ebooks to their Pelgrane Press bookshelves. We are collecting add-ons and addresses via backerkit over the next week, and if you are already a backer, you’ll be able to get these additional books as add-ons if you’ve not already.

We’ve creates a limited edition version of the Book of Changing Years – only fifty of these will be produced, and they will be available to backers via backerkit, first come, first served. They’ll have signed bookplates.

One of the rewards for TimeWatch is a set of downloadable inserts for a GM Screen. We are going to combine that with the remaining time seeds and other material to make a physical GM screen and booklet to be released in November – backers will also get the chance to pre-order this via backerkit.

Cthulhu Confidential

Robin Laws has returned the post-playtest manuscript for Cthulhu Confidential, which tweaks the GUMSHOE One-2-One rules, bakes all three characters into the examples, and offers plenty of advice based on the huge amount of feedback we’ve had. In particular we’ve added:

  • advice on how to deal with the intensity of a game with just two players.
  • a cheat sheet for One-2-One
  • a player handout offering advice on moving forward with the investigation (talk to everyone, even scary people)
  • GM advice on how to help players move forward without leading them by the nose
  • a breakdown of GUMSHOE One-2-One for existing GUMSHOE players

Fear Itself 2nd Ed and Esoterrorists

Fear Itself 2nd Edition is now with the printers.

Worldbreaker – our epic Esoterrorists campaign is very close to completion –  few tweaks to the layout and we are done.


13th Age

Please GM for us at Gen Con – 13th Age is one of the game most highly in demand and we are desparate for GMs. If you are at Gen Con and want to GM, meet the 13th Age creative team and get goodies, please contact Cat Tobin if you are interested.

  • Vampires aren’t exclusive to the Dracula Dossier, and in 13th Age they aren’t always the baddies. This month’s 13th Age Monthy Temple of the Sun Cabal sees one such blood-sucker. 13th Age Monthly also features a new Organized Play adventure and the the Free RPG Day released Swords Against The Dead. Rob and Jonathan have completed their part of the subscriber question and answer video, and we hope to have that out to you before the end of the month. Subscribe now!
  • Rob Heinsoo has the Demonologist in hand and is working on balancing it with other classes while keeping Gareth’s vision of the class as a summoner and reckless binder intact.
  • The Crown Commands: Battle Scenes for Four Icons featuringThe Emperor, The Dwarf King, and the Lich King, the The Elf Queen is now nearly ready for layout – the art is complete, except for the cover.

Trail of Cthulhu

Cat is copy editing Out of the Woods, our all-new collection of Trail of Cthulhu adventures.

Cthulhu City is a concept of Gar’s – characters are trapped in a monstrous conurbation – Dunwich in the west, beyond Sentinel Hill; quaint Kingsport, by the sea; industrial Innsmouth, the engine of trade and commerce; and the city’s heart, Old Arkham. I’ve run his example adventure with my own group, and it has a very solid noir feel to it. I’ve noticed that with noir, most of the information comes from people, and that you need to leverage in a noir setting to get anything out of people; find their vices, tempt them, or blackmail them.

The Trail of Cthulhu starter set is underway – we’ve decided on how we’ll present characters to new players.





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