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It’s TimeWatch month! We’re so excited about the release of our newest GUMSHOE game that’s it’s been all we can think and talk about, which you can see from the many articles and resources we’ve pulled together for it below. While all of our GUMSHOE books are fun, none are so boisterous, adventure-packed and lively that “rollicking” is the only appropriate term, and we’re delighted to have a more family-friendly addition to our line-up. As well as the core TimeWatch RPG, we’re also releasing Behind Enemy Times, a set of adventures for TimeWatch, and The Book of the Smoke-style The Book of Changing Years, a wiki-like collection of time-travellers’ tales you can use as inspiration, or adventure hooks for your own TimeWatch campaign. We’ve also got the latest 13th Age Monthly, September’s Mounted Combat, available now.

New Releases

      • TimeWatch RPG – The exciting new GUMSHOE time-travel adventure RPG where brave agents of TimeWatch defend the timestream from radioactive cockroaches, psychic velociraptors, and human meddlers.
      • Behind Enemy Times – A series of six missions for TimeWatch, which you can run separately or as a linked campaign.
      • The Book of Changing Years – A collection of time travellers’ tales and curios put together on the quiet by agents of TimeWatch and secreted in the Citadel – TimeWatch HQ.
      • Mounted Combat – Rules for riding war rhinos, giant lizards, giant spiders, and other critters into 13th Age battles is September’s 13th Age Monthly edition by Rob Heinsoo.


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