September 2016: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

In this season of mellow fruitfulness we’ve devoted our time to TimeWatch, the Hawkins Papers, the Crown Commands for the 13th Age and worked more on Cthulhu Confidential.  The TimeWatch RPG is out now, supported by two supplements,Behind Enemy Times and The Book of Changing Years but their poll victory means an adventure seed featuring a Time Crime heist, raiding a Spanish treasure ship. Mounted Combat – rules for riding war rhinos, giant lizards, wyverns, and other critters into 13th Age battles is September’s 13th Age Monthly edition by Rob Heinsoo, with help from ASH LAW. We apologise for its delayed arrival.


velociraptor-vs-ezeruThe TimeWatch RPG has shipped to Kickstarter backers and is now available for order from the store.

The book itself is filled with adventure seeds and starter adventures; Behind Enemy Times gives you more adventures which can be loosely linked to form a campaign and The Book of Changing Years, like the Book of the Smoke for Bookhounds of London lets you and your players improvise adventures, letting you jump all over the time line. All three of them together are available as a popular bundle.

I’ve written up a bunch of articles to get you started with TimeWatch. Part One, Characters, Part Two, Gear, , Part Three, Thrills, introduce you to TimeWatch, and The Quick and Clean Guide to Having Already Run Your First TimeWatch Game does what it says.

We are working on the Valyrie Gambit, a set of adventures which includes different TimeWatch settings, and the TimeWatch GM Screen and Resource Book, illustrated by Rich Longmore. These will be out later this year or early next.

13th Age

The Crown Commands: Battle Scenes for Four Icons and its Map Folio have gone to the printers, and will be on sale for pre-order next month. I spent three days last weekend running theses adventures loosely linked in a campaign, and they worked exactly as I’d hoped. They loose maps really brought the encounters to life, and it was easy to adapt them on the fly as I needed them, knowing the encounters would be fun, flexible and challenging.

Shards of the Broken Sky is in art direction. The Book of Demons awaits a development pass of the Demonologist character class from Rob. The Bestiary 2 is underway – it’s a glossy hardback follow-up to the original Bestiary featuring our take on more archetypal creatures, and some entirely new creatures. Let us know which you’d like to see in the comments.

Night’s Black Agents

We have a writers’ line up for the Persephone Extraction -Bill White, Will Plant, Emma Marlow, and Heather Albano. It’s a world-spanning campaign – The Persephone Extraction – where we’ll do all the work of vampire and conspiracy creation for you. Locations include Moscow, Paris, Barcelona and Turkey.

Trail of Cthulhu

Bill White has supplied us with the first draft of All Along the Watchtower, an adventure set in the counterculture of 1968 inspired in part by the Illuminatus Trilogy, and featuring players characters such as E Gary Gygax, Jimi Hendrix and Hillary Rodham. It’s up for playtesting.

Gareth is most of the way through the first draft of Cthulhu City, we hope it will be ready for playtesting next month.

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