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We’re just back from Dragonmeet, the biggest RPG-focused convention in the UK, where we had a great day catching up with customers and colleagues alike. One of the most exciting things to happen there was selling out of our limited preview editions of Cthulhu Confidential by 14:00. The first product for our new GUMSHOE One-2-One system is available to pre-order in our webstore now, so you can pick up the pre-order and get the PDF for your favourite One for Christmas – or, if they’re resolutely a non-roleplayer, you can get a 30% discount off all Stone Skin Press anthologies with this month’s bookshelf offer.

Out in PDF format this month are time-travel GUMSHOE adventure TimeWatch RPG, and its two supplements, Behind Enemy Times and The Book of Changing Years. We’ve also got the latest 13th Age Monthly, November’s Further Alarums: Downtime for Seven Icons, available now.

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