November 2016: View from the Pelgrane’s Nest

The year nears its end, and it’s been a year, filled with non-Pelgrane-related turmoil, festooned with awards and topped off with Kickstarter fulfilment ! Now, with the Dragonmeet behind us, we move on to a belated See Page XX.

 After hundreds of playtests, the polishing and honing of the manuscript and a whole new look designed for this range, our first two-player game, Cthulhu Confidential, is available on pre-order as the Case Notes edition. The TimeWatch RPG and its supplements are available in PDF for, and in a bundle. We release the next issue of 13th Age Monthly.

UK Prices held until January

Our costs of production are in dollars, and our books have dollar retail prices.  The fluctuations in currency mean that, from January our non-US prices will be adjusted to match the new exchange rate – an increase of around 15% – 20%. Today’s new releases are at the correct exchange rate.

What this does mean is that until January, all our other books will still be at a lower price. So buy books from the store now to avoid the increase!

I’ve written a more detailed article on the economics of this here.

 Cthulhu Confidential – The Case Notes Edition

It’s easy to find one player to play with, and it’s easy to introduce a friend or loved one to roleplaying in a two-player game. That’s why we devised GUMSHOE One-2-One. It’s designed to be especially easy for players new to roleplaying to play.  We are proud and excited to present a beautiful and stylish book, with three very different protagonists.Cthulhu Confidential in on pre-order today as the Case Notes edition, and for a limited time, includes  a playable plain-text version of the first extra Dex Raymond adventure The House Up in the Hills.

At Dragonmeet, we discussed a number of ideas for new GUMSHOE One-2-One games – let us know what kinds of protagonists you’d like to see in the comments.

Chris Spivey and Ruth Tillman are working on new adventures for their protagonists, which are likely to be in playtest next month _ Robin has completed his three.


Dragonmeet is one-day convention based in London. The convention has been passed like a baton between UK-based roleplaying company owners and volunteers, from its refounding in 2000 by James Wallis and others, then to Pelgrane and ProFantasy, then on to Cubicle 7, and now Modiphius. It is a great deal of fun, and a chance to catch up with UK-based fans and those from farther afield (bonjour, Jean-Christophe!). It’s also the occasion aside from Gen Con when the Pelgrane clan gets to gather together to play a game, have chats and a strategic meeting.  Sadly Cat Tobin was not well on the day, but will soon be fully recovered. This year’s game was a playtest of the Yellow King, Robin D Laws new GUMSHOE based-game which we will be Kickstarted in April.  The new venue is spacious, with wide aisles and gamers were able to move freely. We entirely sold out of the Dragonmeet version of Cthulhu Confidential by half way through the day and the Pelgrane seminar and Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff live were packed. Our sales there were higher than they have ever been at Dragonmeet. The volunteers coped admirably with a rather complex delivery set up and kept their cool. I look forward to next year, this time with Cat at the helm!

13th Age

Next year, Rob will become much more involved in the direct production of 13th Age, delivering final print-ready files.

Rob Heinsoo has been working away at the Bestiary 2, commissioning art and writing simultaneously to speed up the process. We are using this project as an opportunity to try out new writers and artists so supplement our stalwarts.

Shards of the Broken Sky has an intimidating amount of cartography to deal with, and we are still contemplating how that might be done.

Rob has been working on the Demonist character class which is the main barrier to getting the Book of Demons out.

Fall of Delta Green

Ken’s manuscript has hit 84000 words, and we’ve done an internal playtest. Next month should see a playtest release.

Logo No Go

It is with great sadness I announce the departure of our first logo.  She has served us well for many years, but freelancers have been sneering about her behind their hands for a long time, and Cat and I reluctantly decided to say farewell. Fly free, tiny Pelgrane!



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